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They are here!!!

Jiaozuo City has sent the 3 statues for our Tai Chi Park. They are temporarily placed here for the ceremony to be held on Monday, May 21 at 11:00 am. They are even more impressive when you actually see them than they are in the pictures. Come out Monday with your red shirt and white pants and Sleeping Giant fan (if you have them).

Coming events:

“Tai Chi: Life and Health” – International Tai Chi Conference on September 25-28, 2018


Academy Spring 18 classes are winding down.                                                        Summer drop-in classes will begin once the term classes are done:                                              Tues afternoons 230 – 400 and Fri mornings 10 -1130.

There will also be free summer Taiji at the park:                                                                              Monday evenings 7 – 8 and Wed mornings 730 – 830.


Recent Events:

World Taiji Day in Thunder Bay, Sat., Apr 28, 2018

 At the International Taiji Park at the Marina….


  • The 10 Day Tai Chi Retreat in Cancun was a resounding success!

Here is our Thunder Bay group with our Mexican amigos at the Shaolin Temple in the jungle in Cancun!!!


  • Tai Chi Christmas party: Saturday, Dec 2 / 17

at the Polish Legion, 209 N Cumberland St.

The traditional turkey dinner was fabulous!

The Taiji participation and demos – 8 Forms; Taiji Fan and Taiji Sword were awesome and the music by Gilbert, Bill and Allan was a perfect ending to a fabulous evening.

Special thanks were extended to the hard working executive and all the volunteers who helped out and the businesses that provided gifts and support.

And a standing ovation was given to Master Peng for his amazing year of accomplishments.

Lastly a special tribute was made to our Association Chairman Wayne Bilbrough for his relentless and energetic contributions to Taiji for well over 20 years. As was pointed out he has not practised Taiji himself in the past but if anyone is interested they may contact him about the new form created just for him – Taiji Woodcarving!


  • Tai Chi Fan on Canada Day 2017, Thunder Bay, ON


*  AMAZING!!!   Tai Chi Master Wang HaiJun in Toronto at Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei’s Light of Tai Chi Gala windup banquet, June 21, 2017:


* Master Peng in Mexico

Guinness World Record

When Jiaozuo set a Guinness World Record with 52,000 people doing Tai Chi at once, many Tai Chi groups across the world, including us joined in. See the current Taiji Post for more information about it.


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The moon gate.
The yin-yang practice pad.