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The Peng You Taiji Academy is  reopening
with classes starting on Sept 14.
Classes are spaced out to prevent congestion due to overlap and to allow for cleaning.
Class sizes will be limited (first come first serve) and the pay structure has been modified.

Register by phoning or emailing Master Peng.

Academy classes Fall

Re the Zoom classes:
These will be similar to the summer program – focus will be on Qigong, Yang Style 8, 16, 24 & 48 forms and some introductory Chen forms.
The main difference will be that Master Peng will include instruction.




The Thunder Bay 50th Birthday Celebration & Fundraiser
last Tues, Aug 11 
was a resounding success!

Because of the generosity of our Taiji community $1000 was raised ($500 was the goal) for The Underground Gym!



 Thunder Bay is awarded the
World Taijiquan Championships!