Our name, Peng You Taiji Quan Association, involves a pun on our teacher’s name. The first two words of our name are the chinese characters, “pengyou” which mean “friend”. It sounds just like the first two syllables of our leader’s name – Peng You. So the name both reflects our Association motto, “Health, Friendship and Happiness” and our founder’s name.

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1.) Taiji News:

TAIJI in the Park starts next Tues., May 17 at 7 pm; Thurs., May 19 at 730 am.

TAIJI POST – new edition added to website ( see Menu )

Sat., Apr 30 – The weather cooperated and about 40 participants joined in for Taiji at the Park.
This was followed by the first Annual General Meeting in 2 years at the Academy.
Welcome to our two new Executive members:
Bev Cadene & Kathy Dutchak
And sad farewell to Susan Vanderwal, our very own Lappe Sword Lady!
Thanks Susan, for many years of hard work and enthusiasm!

Previous Taiji News:
Alan Tang 416-801-5614
Director of Operations-WushuOntario  Alan@wushucanada.com

The championships and festival is set to attract more than 2,000 spectators and participants.
Thunder Bay April 03, 2022 – The City of Thunder Bay with support of the City’s CEDC (Community Economic Development Corporation) is bringing for the first time a martial arts event of this stature to the city. The 2022 Canadian National Martial Arts Championships & Festival will be held this summer in Thunder Bay from July 28-31 hosted by WushuOntario and supported by the Ontario Ministry of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture Industries.

The event will feature some of the best athletes in the country competing in the Martial Art of WUSHU-Kung Fu to represent Canada in International competitions for the 2022-2023 calendar year.  The festival component will also feature a Kung Fu Master’s Performance Gala highlighting the kick off to the weekend event. This will be a spectacular event which will attract participants and fans from all across Canada in both performance and combative based martial arts.

This significant event marks the first time the National Championships will take place in Northern Ontario. Recognized as an Olympic Sport, Wushu is popularized through film and television by Hollywood action stars Jet Li, Jackie Chan and Donnie Yen.  A key component to winning the bid to host the event, was the fact that Thunder Bay is home to a large demographic of Tai Chi practitioners who utilize the martial arts for health and recreational benefits.

“It says a lot about Thunder Bay that WushuOntario chose this city to be their host; we are thrilled and looking forward to the summer event,” said Eileen Fauster, President of WushuOntario. “It’s about time we brought the event to other regions of Ontario with the opportunity to showcase our sport and to enjoy the diversity of the Provincial landscape.”

TAI CHI CLASSES AT THE PENG YOU INTERNATIONAL TAI CHI ACADEMY  run until May 14, 2022 (see Local Taiji Classes page in the main menu) after which Taiji in the Park will begin… schedule to follow.

2.) Check out this Zoom option…
        * Taiji classes with Oliver Reimer on Zoom continue
For details & to register go to the Local Taiji Classes page and scroll down…

3.) And check out our You Tube channel for…
1.  Master Peng’s Tai Chi Tidbits:
 2. Master Peng’s Follow Me series:
3. Master Peng’s Tai Chi Chef videos:
4. Miscellaneous Taiji videos:

Plans continue and Thunder Bay is still set to host the

                              2024 World Taijiquan Championships!

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