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Here’s your chance to support Peng’s Taiji Academy!
There is a city business promotion called “Community Votes Thunder Bay”.
Please use the link below to ‘nominate’ the Academy in the Martial Arts category (you can do it daily until May 30).
The businesses with the most nominations will go on to a ‘voting’ stage. Instructions on how to do that will follow.

Still postponed!

Live Classes at the Peng You Tai Chi Academy and other listed venues are on hold once more… until further notice. They will continue when the lockdown is lifted.

Zoom classes with Master Peng are available during the lockdown.


Note: Our name, Peng You Taiji Quan Association, involves a pun on our teacher’s name. The first two words of our name are the chinese characters,”pengyou” which mean “friend”. It sounds just like the first two syllables of our teacher’s name – Peng You. So our name both reflects our Association motto, “Health, Friendship and Happiness” and it sounds like our founder’s name.

Remember that plans continue and hopefully…..

 Thunder Bay will host the
World Taijiquan Championships!


Adding an icon for this website to your desktop or other device:

  1. For a computer with Windows
    Easiest method:
    To put an icon on your desktop you just need to go to the Association website at  Highlight that address at the top, hold down the left mouse button and drag the address onto your desktop. It will form an icon. 

    Note:  If your browser window covers the whole screen go to the top right corner of the window where there are 3 symbols – a ‘-‘ sign, a square and an ‘x’.
    Click on the square and it will make the Association website page smaller so you can find a space around it on the desktop. You can drag this smaller Association page aside by clicking and holding along the top bar with the left mouse button.  Now you have room to place your icon. You can also click, hold and drag your new icon to your favourite location on your desktop!

 Alternative step-by-step method:
First open your browser (we are assuming they all work similarly: Google; Google Chrome; Firefox; MS Edge; etc) and find the Peng You Taiji website…
To Copy the website address:
Highlight it in the top bar… (click on it or click on one end and drag across until it becomes highlighted – it appears in blue).
After highlighting the address hold down Cntrl and hit C. (this copies it to your computer’s internal ‘clipboard’).
Move your mouse to your open desktop outside your browser window.
Right click in an empty space.
Go to New then Shortcut.
The ‘Create shortcut’ box appears.
Place your mouse in the box under the words “Type the location of the item:” .
Holding down Cntrl hit V. This pastes the previously saved address from the clipboard.
Hit Next and give it a name and then Finish.
The shortcut icon should now be on your desktop.

2. For a MacBook & any other Mac that uses the “desktop” version of a website vs. a mobile version, same instructions – click & drag URL from browser onto desktop of computer

3. Add this website to an iPad by tapping on the command “Add to Home Screen”.