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Update!  Taiji in the Park (See note below to register) begins Tues, June 30 at 7 pm & Thurs, July 2 at 7:30 am 

Online classes with Master Peng will be modified:
There will be only 1 Zoom class:  Tuesdays at 7 pm from the park.

To sign up contact Brian….

Please register for Taiji in the Park.

The Health Unit has notified Peng he can start Tai Chi in the Park with a couple of modifications to ensure safety in this Covid 19 era.

We must stay 2 metres apart and you do not have to wear a mask unless you wish to. However, because you are moving around, it could be difficult to ensure a 2 metre space so it might be wise to wear or at least have a mask with you.

And we must preregister. Although that seems complicated, all you would need to do is to email your name and phone number and I will make a list to give to Peng.  Since many of you come quite regularly, Peng says it is acceptable to register for a single time or for multiple times at once. For example, you could say “Your name, Your phone number, I will come Thursday, July 2”, or you could say “Your name, your phone number, I will come every Tuesday during the month of July” or any combination. If you are not able to come on certain dates, that should not be a problem. So that it does not become unwieldy, if you are just opting in on occasion, let me know the night before the session. That will give me a chance to organize a list and send it to Peng. Make sure you have my email address available so that you can contact me. To help, this information and my email address will be on our website .

Obviously, any of these conditions could change over time. We will keep you informed. Come out and get back to enjoying Taiji.

For more information email Wayne Bilbrough:

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Academy closed until further notice…

Spring 2020 classes:   cancelled!

16 Day China tour Apr 3 – 18, 2020:                   CANCELLED!

0403YZPEK20 – 16 Day 5-star Yangtze FLYER and ITIN