The instructors listed below are members of our Association who have been certified to teach by Master Peng Youlian.

They also continue to perfect their taiji practice by working with visiting Taiji Masters from China such as Grand Master Wang Jianhua, Grand Master Zeng Nailiang and Master Wei Xianglian as well as Grand Master Wu Wenhan, Grand Master Yang Zhenduo, Grand Master Chen Zhenglei, Grand Master Sun Yongtian, Grand Master Ma Hailong, Grand Master Eddie Wu Kwong Yu, Master Jack Yan and from Japan, Master Li Defang and Master Wu Zengle.

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Marg Bilbrough

Adele Crowley

Marguerite Maki

Brian Nieminen

Doug and Mary Lou Rabb

Oliver Reimer

Duncan MacKay
Terrace Bay & Schreiber

Jean Wong

Sandy MacKenzie
Bente Sorensen

Tat Lui
Toronto, ON

Roberta Adderley

Frank Iorianni
Darrell Mirowski

Johanne Thiffault
Marathon, ON

Bill Climie