Brian Nieminen

  • Brian’s lifelong interest in martial arts began with some training in the late 60’s in Kung Fu and the 70’s in Aikido. He spent about a year and a half studying Taoist Tai Chi in the 80’s. After a 20 year hiatus he finally returned to Tai Chi with Oliver Reimer and Master Peng just before the International Forum on Taijiquan in 2006 and has been training with Master Peng and other local instructors ever since. Brian is certified to teach Tai Chi Chigong. He has studied Yang style 8, 16, 24 and 48 forms, 32 and 42 sword, 36 Broadsword and Taiji Hockeystick. His main interest is in Chen style – Essential 18; Old Frame 1; 47 Chen sword and Chen Broadsword; and gradually progressing to Old Frame 2 and New Frame 1.

He has been fortunate enough to have participated in many workshops, beginning with the 6 Masters at the International Forum. Other workshops include 32 sword with Master Jack Yan from Toronto, and 8 and 24 forms and 32 sword with Masters Li and Wu from Japan. He has had the privilege of taking several workshops with Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei, including Chen Essential 18 forms and Old Frame One. In the spring of 2011, with Master Peng he attended the International Seminar on Chen’s Taiji in Los Angeles for 5 days of intense training in Chen style Taiji, Old Frame 1, Old Frame 2 and New Frame 1. He attended another intense camp with the Grandmaster in Las Vegas studying New Frame 1 in 2015 and one more in Toronto in June 2017 practicing Old Frame 2.

Brian currently teaches Chen and Yang style Taiji at the Academy and serves  as Vice – Chairman of the Peng You Taiji Association.

Brian is a retired Thunder Bay Firefighter and now a full-time artist: