Doug Rabb and Mary Lou Rabb

In 1987 Doug began studing Master Lee Shiu Pak’s Yang Long Form with the King’s County Tai Chi Association while on sabbatical leave at Acadia University in Nova Scotia. On returning to Thunder Bay he kept up the Long Form, working with Instructor Peter Puna and visiting Minnesota to see Master T. T, Liang. Doug began learning the Bejing Short Form with Master Peng Youlian in 1990 and, with the formation of the Peng You Taiji Quan Association, has worked with Grand Master Wang Jianhua on both Yang and Chen style taiji and with Master Peng on the International 8, 16, 24 & 48 hand forms as well as various sword forms. Doug is co-editor of our association’s newsletter, The Taiji Post and of our Association’s translation of Taiji Qigong: Six Forms for Health by Zeng Nailiang and Wei Xianglian. He is also a certified instructor in Dr. Paul Lam’s Tai Chi for Arthritis Program, based on a modified Sun style taiji form.

His article “Tai Chi for Arthritis and Doubleweightedness” appears in Dr. Lam’s Tai Chi, Health and Lifestyle Newsletter Issue 42, Jan. 05.

In the same Journal he has also published Gaining depth in Sun style tai chi: A unique opportunity, by Dr Doug Rabb Ph.D. Dr Lam’s Tai Chi, Health & Lifestyle Newsletter Issue 57, May 06

Mary Lou began taiji in 1987 working with Marilyn Manzer of the King’s County Tai Chi Association in Nova Scotia. She started training with Master Peng Youlian in 1990 and has participated regularly in the many workshops conducted by visiting Masters to our Association., including Grand Master Wang Jianhua, Masters Zeng Nailiang and Wei Xianglian, Dr. Paul Lam and Master Wu Kwong Yu.
Doug and Mary Lou Rabb are the coordinators of our Tai Chi for Arthritis Programs. They are certified instructors in the Tai Chi for Arthritis Program, having completed the instructors’ course with Dr. Paul Lam, the founder of the Program.