48 Forms Taijiquan

Names are taken from “Taiji: 48 Forms and Swordplay”, Beijing, 1988

Commencing Form

  1. The White Crane Flashes Its Wings
  2. Brush Knee and Twist on Left
  3. Single Whip – Left Style
  4. Hand Strums the Lute – Left Style
  5. Stroke and Push
  6. Turn to Strike, Parry and Punch – Left Style
  7. Fend Off, Stroke, Push and Press – Left Style
  8. Lean Obliquely
  9. Punch under Elbow
  10. Step Back and Whirl Arms on Both Sides
  11. Turn to Push Palms
  12. Hand Strums the Lute – Right Style
  13. Brush Knee and Punch Downward
  14. The White Snake Puts Out Its Tongue
  15. Pat Foot to Subdue the Tiger
  16. Turn Left to Strike
  17. Thread Palm on Crouch Step
  18. Fend Off on One Leg
  19. Single Whip – Right Style
  20. Wave Hands Like Clouds- Right Style
  21. Part the Horse’s Mane on Both Sides
  22. High Pat on Horse
  23. Kick with Right Heel
  24. Strike Opponent’s Ears with Both Fists
  25. Kick with Left Heel
  26. Strike with Hidden Fist
  27. Needle at Sea Bottom
  28. Flash the Arm
  29. Kick with Right and Left Feet
  30. Brush Knee on Left and Right Bow Steps
  31. Step Forward to Strike
  32. Apparent Close-up
  33. Wave Hands Like Clouds- Right Style
  34. Turn Right to Strike
  35. Work at Shuttles on Both Sides
  36. Step Back and Thread Palm
  37. Press Down Palms on Empty Step
  38. Stand on One Leg and Hold Out Palm
  39. Push Forearm on Horse-riding Step
  40. Turn Body with Big Strokes
  41. Swing Palm on Crouch Step
  42. Step Forward to Cross Fists
  43. Stand on One Leg to Mount the Tiger
  44. Turn Body for a Lotus Leg Swing
  45. Draw a Bow to Shoot the Tiger
  46. Turn to Strike, Parry and Punch – Right Style
  47. Fend Off, Stroke, Push and Press – Right Style
  48. Cross Hand

Closing Form